Exclusive "TITANIUM" Offer From RJ Bates III

10-Lead Starter Package: $1000

(Regular Price is $300 Per Lead)

Get The HOTTEST Off-Market Seller Leads

 Exclusive Premium Quality Leads

 Motivated Sellers Who Want A Cash Offer

 Highest Close Rate (tested vs. other sources)

 Delivered To You Within 13 Seconds!

How Does It Work?

We run ads to target and attract motivated sellers. 

These sellers know they are signing up to receive a cash offer on their home. In addition to their name/email/phone, they submit the property address, reason for selling, and timeframe for selling.

These leads will be for properties only in the United States, and are guaranteed to be off-market. Our software immediately sends the leads to you, so you can call the seller right away and make a deal!

Order now to get your first ten leads for only $100 each (normal price is $300 per lead). This "TITANIUM" offer is only available to first-time customers who were referred here by RJ Bates III for nationwide leads.

You will schedule an onboarding call on the next page, after submitting your order.

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