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How Does It Work?
We run ads to target and attract motivated sellers in your desired locations.
These sellers know they are signing up to receive a cash offer on their home. In addition to their name/email/phone, they submit the property address, reason for selling, and timeframe for selling.
Our software immediately sends these leads to you, or integrates with your CRM, so you can call the seller right away and make a deal!
Fill out the form on this page so we can learn more about your business before scheduling a call to get you set up with our services. We are currently only working with experienced real estate investors and wholesalers who are capable of handling at least 50 additional leads per month.
Leads will be guaranteed at a set price per lead!
Fill out the form now so we can see if it's a good fit.
Leadzolo at Wholesaling Live
Elijah Rubin | WIIN, LLC
Elijah Rubin | WIIN, LLC
"I've been doing real estate for over 19 years, closed over a thousand plus deals. And I've literally done every type of lead source probably out there.

I was a little leery on doing some inbound leads. I wasn't sure about the pay-per-click costs and all the costs that come involved. Leadzolo has been, hands down, these best lead source I've personally called and closed on personally.

Just within two months we've closed over six figures worth of deals that we've closed that's in our account.

So if you're on the fence, if you're not sure where to get the best lead sources, go to Leadzolo. That's my number one go to lead source."
Preston Dahl | Northern Roots Investment
Preston Dahl | Northern Roots Investment
"We've been working with Leadzolo for a couple months. The leads have been coming in, and I will say out of all of our marketing channels they are the best leads that have come in in terms of quality.

They come in, they're motivated, the timeline is now, there's all the distress signals that we look for. We've got one going out to dispo here this week, we've got a couple more under contract, and more on the way.

When a Leadzolo lead comes in, it's all hands on deck. We know at this point that those are our best quality source for leads. It's been working out great. I highly recommend them."
Ryan Smith | Cinch Home Buyers
Ryan Smith | Cinch Home Buyers
"We started with 30 leads, and everything was good. We got about ten percent hot leads, which are converting into...seems like it's going to convert into about a hundred thousand - over that.

We have one that we have under contract right now that we're going to make close to fifty thousand on, and it's amazing."
Tang Wynn | The Odd Brothers
Tang Wynn | The Odd Brothers
"The lead came from Iowa, came from Leadzolo. And, man, it was a pretty easygoing lead. The distress factor was that he just moved from Iowa to Houston.

He just took the cash offer, he just wanted his mortgage paid off which is $35,000. We're factoring about $40,000 repairs. But the house is worth $116,000 to $119,000, so there's still plenty of room on there to even wholesale. So we're looking to wholesale because we don't buy anything in Iowa. We'll just hand it off to another investor to flip it for us.

Good job Leadzolo, that was nice."
Mike Lima | True Freedom Achievers
Mike Lima | True Freedom Achievers
"I've done over 2,400 wholesale deals and transactions in the last 20 years here in real estate, and I've tried every type of lead source you could imagine. And, I tell you what, the best of all is Leadzolo.

They've been excellent for us. We communicate with Leadzolo as needed, and they're Johnny-on-the-Spot with giving us the support that's needed.

We've closed 12 deals, totaling about $200,000 in gross profit. And we have 6 more deals that are pending in escrow right now that'll give us about another $120,000 of projected gross profit.

So, you can try other different sources. You can try do it on your own like we did for many years. Or you can go with Leadzolo and you can get those leads right to your inbox."
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